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  • Image of a Sudanese refugee and her baby in a camp painted in the RGB system with panspectra colors

    Davide Cantoni

    68 Jay street

  • A time-based projection from a Light Installation. Sequences move through different color effects

    Nadia Coen

    68 Jay Street

  • Raw egg in clear

    Kristin O’Connor

    68 Jay Street

  • Two New York Times large scale paste ups affixed to a brick wall on the side of a cafe. A woman and a child walk by quickly.

    Alexandra Bell

    20 Jay Street

  • An 8 1/2 x 11 inch vertically-oriented dark-red rectangle with a pattern of concentric rectangles (made of thin lines) is suspended within a vertically-oriented

    Marsha Cottrell

    55 Washington Street

  • Manhattan Bridge shot from a low angle & mixed with uplifting words & phrases in artist's handstyle

    Joshua Reynolds

    20 Jay Street

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