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  • Wall assemblage comprising layered geometric shapes

    Rebecca Reeve

    20 Jay Street

  • Portrait of the artist in his studio. An artichoke has been transposed over his head so he appears to be a hybrid between a human and a vegetable. He is wearing a shirt that he designed based on his work and sits in front of a wall covered in drawings

    Alexander Gorlizki

    68 Jay Street

  • Buried Woman is a sculpture made primarily of cotton duck fabric that has been dyed with plant based dyes. It is supported by an internal metal armature. It includes other material details such as pony beads and wax casts.

    Joy Curtis

    20 Jay Street

  • Many bark pieces with a word(s) cut out from a newspaper and glued on them. The message is facing down to a floor

    Eiko Nishida

    68 Jay Street

  • Oil painting on canvas.

    Jason Stopa

    20 Jay Street

  • The iconic photo reference was taken on Easter Sunday

    Zeph Farmby

    55 Washington Street

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