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  • Design for large 3-panel painting at Milton Academy

    Sara Egan

    68 Jay Street

  • Ernesto Gonzalez

    81 Pearl Street

  • An oil painting of the skeletal structure of an American Kestrel surrounded by draped drop cloth with paint stains.

    Elaine Stocki

    20 Jay Street

  • Fine art matte print of a cropped portion of a cuttlefish

    Megan E Weber

    79 Hudson Avenue

  • Hexagonal painting quartered into triangular and rhomboid fields of sinuous line and smeared pastel whorls. Muted tones of rose and scarlet jostle against waves of ultramarine and teal and  knots of ochre and umber.

    Kemar Keanu Wynter

    20 Jay Street

  • Hand embroidered original artwork on wool felt

    Aurelie Hug

    68 Jay Street

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