Thanks for a great 2022 Open Studios, we look forward to seeing you again in spring 2023.

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  • Two forms with central mass and projecting dowels that stand over pieces of blue egg carton foam and interlock with each other in an embrace? A struggle?

    Cy Morgan

    20 Jay Street

  • A tiny boat leaving the Venezuelan coast full of refugees. Painted in the RGB color system in halftone.

    davide cantoni

    68 Jay Street

  • Collage of black and white photos of nude women arranged in concentric circles

    Justine Kurland

    20 Jay Street

  • Photograph of Rape Seed with red twigs.


    89 Water Street

  • An abstract blue painting with white

    Stephen Woodburn

    52 Hudson Avenue

  • A large

    Jessica Segall

    20 Jay Street