Anne Patterson

18 Bridge Street, Suite 2G

Patterson creates large-scale multimedia installations that combine sculpture, architecture, lighting, video, music and scent. Trained as an architect and theater production designer, this unique combination of senses combines to create an artistic practice, hovering somewhere between the theatrical and the experiential. Patterson’s immersive environments are inspired by the concept of multiplicity, and an exploration of the connection between parts and their whole. She created “Graced With Light”—an installation inspired by music—as the 2013 Artist-in-Residence at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Anne’s large-scale installations have filled cathedrals, office buildings, and galleries across the country with miles of fabric, aluminum ribbon, and metal birds. In addition to her installation work, Patterson also creates sculptures and paintings that incorporate her synesthetic senses, striving through her art to transport us into a multi-sensory realm similar to that which she has inhabited her entire life.

In Patterson’s DUMBO studio visitors will experience a mini walk-through kinesthetic installation, as well as several of her paintings and sculptures.

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