Beth Dary

55 Washington Street, Suite 257

Using a wide range of materials from egg tempera and encaustic, hand-built porcelain and blown glass sculptures, I explore forms that manifest both in the natural world and the “new nature” that we are creating through human intervention. This is realized through sculpture, drawings, video and mixed media, as well as site-responsive installations that reflect on local and global environmental concerns.

For the DUMBO Open Studio weekend I am organizing, along with fellow artists Alexandra Rutsch Brock and Patricia Fabricant, a group show, entitled Among Friends. The show is inspired by the Robert Rauschenberg artwork “Hiccups”, seen last summer in the “Among Friends” exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

Reflecting and responding to the strength and illumination we find through art and community, Among Friends will consist of over 100 pieces of 9” x 7″ handmade paper, each worked on by a different artist, zipped together into one continuous piece.

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