Chitra Ganesh

55 Washington Street, Suite 256

Chitra Ganesh’s drawing based practice brings to light narrative representations of femininity, sexuality, and power typically absent from canons of literature and art. Her wall installations, comics, charcoal drawings, and mixed media works on paper often take historical and mythic texts as inspiration and points of departure to complicate received ideas of iconic female forms. Ganesh’s studies in literature, semiotics, and social theory have been critical to a steady engagement with narrative and deconstruction that animates her work.

Her vocabulary draws from surrealism, expressionism, Hindu and Buddhist iconography, and South-Asian pictorial forms such as Kalighat and Madhubani painting, connecting these with contemporary mass-mediated visual languages of comics, science fiction, news photography, and illustration. Since 2004, Ganesh has maintained a long-term collaboration with Mariam Ghani as Index of the Disappeared, an experimental archive of detentions, deportations, and human erasures, as well as a public platform for dialogue on related issues.

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