Choichun Leung

81 Pearl St, Suite 5A

Choichun Leung is a multidisciplinary artist from Wales, UK who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She is a graduate of Loughborough College of Art (UK), Leung also pursued Buddhist Iconography in China, later working in Hong Kong as a background painter for animation film.

Leung is currently working with Lux Capta Films ( First Reformed ) on a mixed media documentary THE ART OF SURVIVAL as subject and producer, following a collection of artists around the globe in their quest to come to terms with a history of abuse. Serving as an intimate study of the relation between art and catharsis in survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The film explores the reason for their work not only as a means of expression, but as a tool for empowerment and advocacy.

Art on display will show drawings, paintings, prints, zines and film from her personal work THE YOUNG GIRL PROJECT an autobiographical narrative of childhood which is featured in the ART OF SURVIVAL.

Leung has exhibited in a number of solo and group exhibitions most recently at Morton Fine Art, Washington DC, Aqua Art Fair, Miami, Art For Tibet at Tibet House, NYC and at X-Girl, Tokyo, Japan.

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