James Biederman

Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program

20 Jay Street, Suite 720

James Biederman creates colorful pigmented objects that play between painting and sculpture. Using common hardware store construction materials and dry pigments, Biederman makes most of his sculptures in a scale about half that of a human body, creating objects that look like pieces of furniture or other common functional objects. For Biederman, it is important that his artworks surprise: they appear functional but remain non-functional art objects for contemplation; they suggest the manufacturing processes common to furniture and other household items, yet are handmade; they stand stiff, yet are made from flexible materials like burlap and wire. His objects invite the eye’s exploration, with winding lines, enticing openings, and sinewy skeletons. He is influenced by Russian Constructivism, Pre-Colombian Art, German Expressionism, and furniture making, and makes objects that occupy the space between function and dysfunction.

About Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program

The Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program awards rent-free non-living studio space to 17 visual artists for year-long residencies in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Its mission is to provide working studio space and community for artists. Artists are selected annually based on merit from a competitive pool of applicants by a professional jury comprised of artists and members of the SWSP Artists Advisory Committee.

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