Jennifer Riley

45 Main Street

I’m a painter, I make color attentive abstract paintings that explore possibilities of improvisation and process with shapes and pattern drawn from divergent sources of industry. These patterned armatures are set to dance with a broad range of painterly approaches and traditional painterly concerns. I also curate exhibitions and write about art, most recently for David Cohen’s on-line magazine of art, I’ve shown my paintings, drawings and steel sculptures in many different venues primarily in NYC and across the U.S. IMy studio has been in DUMBO since 2002, I moved here in 2006, and am thrilled to be invited to the Two Trees Cultural Space Subsidy Program. I’m board chair of Triangle Arts Association, located also in DUMDO at 20 Jay Street. I’m affiliated with the dazzling Silas Von Morisse Gallery , formerly of Bushwick who presented a solo exhibition of my new large paintings just a few months ago. I am founding faculty at IU, in a Masters of Architecture Program that focuses upon fine art as a requirement for the graduate student of architecture, where I lead the Visual Studies Studio.

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