Mary Mattingly

20 Jay Street, Suite 204

Mary Mattingly‘s recent sculptures and photographs assemble stories that cast a spotlight on the lands that carry the scars of extraction from mining and chemical cultivation. Mattingly’s photographs give a look into systems of mining that support “supply chains” by starting at the beginning of the “supply chain” with the minerals themselves.

This study into the methods of cultivation have also been the main focus of Mattingly’s most recent public project and social sculpture Swale, a floating forest (re-launching this summer at the Brooklyn Army Terminal) that engages New Yorkers in a conversation about the benefits of shared, public food by offering crops to pick and eat.

Mattingly is participating in Storm King’s upcoming exhibition, “Indicators: Artists on Climate Change,” which opens May 19, where she is preparing to bring trees from a tropical climate — mango and coconut palms — to the Hudson River Valley, calling attention to the way that changing temperatures may affect the future of food.

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