Roxi Marsen

71 Hudson Avenue, Third Floor

I am a rogue painter. I have transitioned from a long loved world of painted surfaces to the construction of three dimensional assemblages composed of found metal objects. My painterly sensibilities combine with an affinity for outsider art and I find myself “making things.” This process of putting together, taking apart, reconstructing, then figuring out how to make the elements stay requires new techniques of balance, sanding, drilling, wiring & epoxy.

Each artwork is a puzzle with some resolution, a moment when everything fits. A donated object central to the composition often helps generate a story. The narrative meaning is teased together by a title inspired by the objects themselves. The success is measured by all elements in conversation. I am pleased to participate in the 2018 Dumbo Open Studio and invite you to my Vinegar Hill studio where I have been working for over thirty years.

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