Taylor Schultek

223 Jay Street, Suite #206

Taylor Schultek is a contemporary painter represented by Gallery Poulsen. Originally born in St. Paul, MN, he moved to attend the New York Academy of Art master’s program, after which he began a full-time studio practice living and working in Brooklyn.

His work is rooted in traditional classical representation, but with subject matter and concepts that respond to the present times. He creates cohesive and convincing realities, often taking the form of urban sublime landscapes with cinematic lighting, which invoke a sense of mystery and magic. Elements and narratives from his past experiences with different subcultures and digital environments are added to explore subjective responses and concepts that otherwise have no explicit form.

At the studio, you will be able to meet the artist, see new paintings and works in progress for upcoming fairs, and get a behind-the-scenes look at preparatory work for his 2020 solo show.

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