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Don't Follow the Wind: Non-Visitor Center

145 Plymouth Street

“Don’t Follow the Wind: Non-Visitor Center”

Beyond the threshold of the inhabitable, how does culture contest the crippling effects of long term catastrophe? Don’t Follow the Wind is a project situated inside the radioactive Fukushima exclusion zone in Japan, the inaccessible area surrounding the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant, established in the wake of the 2011 disaster that contaminated the environment separating residents from their homes, land, and community. As radiation knows no borders, transported on wind and water currents, it is a form of contamination that implicates us all in its unseen isotopic presence.

About Don’t Follow the Wind

Don’t Follow the Wind is a collective of artists and curators: Chim↑Pom, Kenji Kubota, Eva and Franco Mattes and Jason Waite. Working with former residents of the Fukushima exclusion zone in Japan since 2011, they have created an exhibition inside the restricted radioactive zone surrounding the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant. Due to radiation levels, the exhibition remains invisible to the public until—if ever—it is deemed safe to re-enter.

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