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Chim↑Pom: Threat of Peace (Hiroshima!!!!!!)

145 Plymouth Street

Threat of Peace (Hiroshima!!!!!!)

Art in General is proud to present a major solo exhibition in New York by Tokyo-based collective Chim↑Pom (Ryuta Ushiro, Ellie, Yasutaka Hayashi, Masataka Okada, Toshinori Mizuno, and Motomu Inaoka), whose work traverses geographies to engage trans-historical moments that shape our conflicted present.

The summer of 1945 brought a new geologic age to the planet. A migratory material body consisting of 141 pounds of Uranium extracted from Belgian colonial mines in Congo was shipped to New York City, processed in Tennessee, transformed into a bomb in New Mexico, sent to the North Mariana Island under American colonial rule in the Pacific Ocean where the atomic weapon was loaded onto a plane. This 141 pound nuclear corpus detonated over Hiroshima, its immense force destroying the entire city, killing at least 140,000 inhabitants, contaminating the environment, and mutating genes of many tens of thousands more. From the bomb’s ‘hypocenter’ over what is now a parking garage in Hiroshima, the body of invisible radioactive particles dispersed covering the entire planet with a thin destructive film of human-made isotopes⏤carried through the atmosphere returning to settle back to North America and Africa. This distinct military-colonial-industrial sediment enveloped the world and has materially marked our current necropolitical geologic period, in which a similar nexus of forces are presently producing irreversible climatic alterations.

About Chim↑Pom

Chim↑Pom was formed in Tokyo in 2005 by the six artists Ryuta Ushiro, Yasutaka Hayashi, Ellie, Masataka Okada, Motomu Inaoka, and Toshinori Mizuno. They are known for their responsiveness and interventions in contemporary events. Their multidisciplinary practice is known for critically examining Asian society and its psyche, straddling the line between being activists and artists and speaking to wide audiences.

About Art in General

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