Gallery 55 / Empire Stores DUMBO

Transcendental Pathway

53-83 Water Street

Transcendental can be described simply as abstract. It has other definitions though from mathematical use, such as incapable of being the root of an algebraic equation with rational coefficients, (π for example), or as relating to an experience determined by the mind’s makeup. Six artists in this exhibit take on different approaches to that definition through their individual styles of abstraction, be that from their intuitive creative approaches to inspiration from mathematical equations. Six women artists are featured in this exhibit:

Rachel Cohen

Deanna Lee

Christina Massey

Elizabeth Riley

Christine Romanell

Linda Schmidt

About Gallery 55

Gallery 55 is a newly founded curatorial project located on the ground floor of Empire Stores. Gallery 55 is proud to work with artists across all media and creative fields. Gallery 55’s curator is Christina Massey, curator and creator of the @woartblog on Instagram featuring female artists daily.

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