Main Window

// Benched //

1 Main Street

Main Window presents // Benched //, a site-specific installation by artist Catherine Haggarty on view March 2nd through April 29th, 2019.

‘My paintings hedge between abstraction and representation, between memory and willed conjuring. The forms, often architectural — a bench, an arch, a vase — are a stand-in for the man-made and in some ways, the ready-made. Through the use of characters and forms that have been observed and abstracted, I am curious in how we name ‘the thing’ we observe and how paint, process and format can shift the way images are perceived and how inadequacies in memory and language are reflected. I want my paintings to connect synapses, build bridges, and to live between brazen self-assuredness and a sort of quietude that asks rather than demands your attention.’

About Main Window

Main Window is a public art space where New York City artists have been presenting work for over three decades.

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