Mark Jupiter Showroom


202 Plymouth Street

For DUMBO Open Studios, Mark Jupiter Showroom is hosting a pop-up exhibition of longtime DUMBO artists. Participating for the first time during his 10-year tenure as a local artisan, Mark Jupiter is looking forward to hosting artists CAM, Steve West, Jaimie Walker, Joshua Reynolds, and Kristen Kramer in his workshop and showroom.

About Kristin Kramer

Kirsten Kramer is a figurative artist originating from the artist community of DUMBO in Brooklyn, NY. She developed her interest in figurative work while studying Fine Art at SUNY University of Buffalo. Her work has been displayed in various group and solo exhibitions throughout the US. One of her most signature themes in her work uses the anatomical heart as a symbol of comfort and connection, love, life, healing and growth. This symbol first appeared back in 2012 with “Hearts” – a series of drawings and paintings using figures of young girls in various interactions with the human heart. She has since gone on to feature her heart images in the graphic memoir, With Our Whole Broken Hearts, that she illustrated and co-authored with the famed artist Sarah Walko and renowned professional skydiver and life coach, Melanie Curtis. Kirsten continues to be an active member of the DUMBO artist community.


About Craig Anthony Miller

Craig Anthony Miller “CAM”, A Brooklyn native artist working out of DUMBO Brooklyn, uses an exploratory process of mapping shapes and line work to mimic a stain glass style into images that repeatedly convey messages of strength over despair. The early visual narratives was expressed through images of Elephants, (ganesh), and Birds, the latter directly connecting with his mantra, “Always be mindful of your ability to fly”.

CAM’s latest inclination of Being Mindful of self Empowerment through Body, Mind and Spirit, is a reintroduction to figurative painting in a growing body of work based on women and men alike showing great awareness and strength of self beauty.

This new work follows his new mantra, ”Always keep your head to your crown”. The crown is the key element to all the work. Like the bodies and faces , the crowns are seen as free-flowing, imperfect, random, and fractured. They reflect the truth of a never-ending process through the unknowing journey to self mastery.


Joshua Reynolds

Raised in Little Rock, AR and lived throughout the US and moved to Brooklyn, NY via the US Virgin Islands in 2007. From an early age, Joshua was influenced by art of all kinds, which have been with him throughout his journey. From visual to musical, creativity was always close as well as comforting. Joshua has always been inspired to inspire people by showing others how to unlock the potential energy within.


About Craig Steve West

Pioneer, resident artist, curator and local proprietor of the 68 Jay Street Bar, landed in Dumbo in 1989. Currently, Steve has been documenting the physical alterations of his long time neighborhood and creates lithographs using the cutting edge Pronto Plate process of this work.


About Jaimie Walker

After graduating from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communications Design, Jaimie swiftly became one of the pioneering artists who made the derelict and rather dangerous neighborhood DUMBO her home. A Dumbo artist for over 20 years, Jaimie’s paintings start from the ground up and like the East River itself her images ebb and flow from one to another and soon you are wading in a story of your own choosing. Jaimie’s canvases employ Gouache, charcoal, acrylic, chalk, conte crayon & ink as her work navigates around her. She records data, collects information, gathers evidence from the streets and puts them together with her own and found graphic art.

About Mark Jupiter Showroom

Mark is a 4th generation NYC Furniture Designer and Builder with a passion for bringing the furnishing dreams of his clients to life! Inspired by the craftsman of his family, from his great grandfather hammering out the original copper roofs of the city’s first skyscrapers, to the hand carved furniture designed and built by his father, Mark is committed to continuing his family’s long standing tradition of building exquisite, handcrafted and one-of-a kind pieces designed to last generations.

With our showroom and shop nestled in the heart of DUMBO Brooklyn, Mark Jupiter’s award winning custom designs are a special combination of refined elegance,  re-purposed industrial and sustainable sensibilities.

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