Platform Project Space

New York, Just Like I Pictured it

20 Jay Street, Suite #319

This group show is a collection of pictures that conjure the city in which they were made. Read together, the paintings, drawings, and mixed-media works by 11 artists offer a subjective tribute to the delights and turbulence of life in New York and its uncommon energy. From the marvelous image of the shadow of a rat poised mid-creep in JJ Manford’s City Painting to Jennifer Coates’ cosmic Chocolate Donut With Sprinkles, or Sangram Majumdar’s detached hands that evoke ‘Don’t Walk’ signs and the meandering networks of lines in Erika Raneeā€™s abstract paintings, the viewer can recognize moments that consciously or unconsciously from our metropolis.

About Platform Project Space

Platform is an artist run exhibition space founded to support the work of fellow artists and develop curatorial projects.

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