Jennifer Sirey: Sculpture

20 Jay Street, Suite 319

Jennifer Sirey: Sculpture is a one person show that features new work by the Brooklyn based artist and other pieces she has created over the past ten years that bear a specific mathematical relationship to each other.

For many years, Jennifer Sirey has been cultivating bacteria to produce some of the elements of her sculpture. Her most recent liquid-filled glass tanks are penetrated by bulbous hand-blown glass vessels and everyday jars that are intertwined with sheets of bacterial growth. On one level the sculpture is a highly aestheticized formal abstraction and on another it is a visceral investigation into the body.

In these particular works, to create the bacterial sheets, Sirey fills the tank to a predetermined level with a mixture of her mother culture and wine or sake, then tilts the tank so that the surface of the liquid aligns to the armature of small monofilament loops attached to the glass. After a few days, the bacteria Acetobacter (the same bacteria used to convert wine into vinegar) begin to attach to the armature and soon form a skin on the liquid’s surface. Once the membrane reaches the desired thickness, the tank is carefully drained and replaced with water mixed and white vinegar to stabilize the environment. The final piece is alive but in a state of hibernation. The resulting contrast between the planned and the uncontrollable mirrors the process of art making itself and gives dynamic presence to these highly original works.

About the Artist

Jennifer Sirey is a Brooklyn-based sculptor. She received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts, and has had several solo exhibitions with Feature, Inc. Recent group shows include Music Seen at LabSpace in Hillsdale, NY, Rough Cut at Morgan Lehman, and No Name at On Stellar Rays. She was a resident of Yaddo in 2012 and 2014.

About Platform

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