Beth Dary


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Tell me a little bit about your studio practice.

I am a multi-media artist primarily focused on installation, sculpture and drawing, inspired by the natural world. My work has been exhibited in galleries, art institutions, and museums both nationally and internationally. An essential aspect of my practice focuses on community and working collaboratively with fellow artists as well as within the communities where we work and live. For example, AMONG FRIENDS, a show I cocurated with fellow artists Patricia Fabricant and Alexandra Rutsch Brock that was first exhibited in my studio during the 2018 DUMBO Open Studios. This show brought 132 artists together, each contributing a unique 9″ x 7″ artwork on handmade paper, all of which were zipped together to make one continuous display. I am also an artist-curator and educator; over the past several years I have worked as an artist mentor for the Smack Mellon Art Ready High School Arts program as well as curator for MAIN WINDOW, a public art viewing space, both located in DUMBO, Brooklyn

How long have you been based in DUMBO?

We moved to DUMBO in 2011 when our son was in elementary school and have enjoyed seeing him grow up in this dynamic and vibrant neighborhood. I am currently a recipient of the Two Trees Cultural Space Subsidy Program and have been working and teaching in my studio through the program for two years.

What’s it like to have a studio here? / What do you enjoy about working in DUMBO?

Between my fellow artists who have studios through the Two Trees Cultural Space Program, local art institutions such as Smack Mellon and the many amazing galleries, DUMBO is a great place to experience an abundance of creativity on a daily basis. Much of my work is influenced by nature, water in particular, so having my workspace in DUMBO, with its access to the Brooklyn waterfront is inspiring. The commute is not bad either!

What makes DUMBO’s art community different from other arts neighborhoods in the city?

DUMBO has a long history as a creative community from the many artists working here, arts organizations and public art venues. It is an innovative neighborhood and the arts played a major role in its evolution into one of New York’s most exciting places to live as well as a major attraction to visitors to the city. I am extremely grateful to the Two Trees Cultural Space Subsidy Program for supporting and keeping the role of artists vital to the neighborhood.

Whose studios are you excited to visit this year as a part of DUMBO Open Studios?

I am excited to visit Peter Drake, Sharon Butler, Marsha Cottrell and Jen Ferguson, (all neighbors at 55 Washington Street where my studio is located). I am also looking forward to stopping in to see Etty Yaniv, Anne Gilman and the many wonderful artists in 20 Jay Street, and 68 Jay Street studios including Theresa Hackett and Tessa Grundon. The Smack Mellon studios are always great too. Last but not least, a new space in DUMBO, Gallery 55 in the Empire Stores has a very cool show, Transcendental Pathway, curated by Christina Massey that showcases many wonderful local artists.

What should visitors not miss during their visit to DUMBO Open Studios this April?

I hope people will visit as many artists studios as possible as well as check out the galleries at the Stable Building located at 16 Main Street including Minus Space and Janet Borden as well as Main Window’s current installation, // Benched //, with Catherine Haggarty at 1 Main Street.