Feels Like a Thing: Jesse Greenberg on Assemblage and Collage

Artist Carl E. Hazlewood's studio at Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program (2023).

I love when a piece feels more like a thing than a work of art, and transcends medium for the sake of performing its message. While looking through the vast array of artists showing this year during Dumbo Open Studios, I found myself slowing down when I came across works that confused me or would require me to look closer into simply seeing what it’s made of. Even though some of these works might exist comfortably in the worlds of paintings, sculpture, ceramic, assemblage… The works by these six artists pushed away from the parameters and expectations of art genres. Often employing multiple mediums like painting on sculpted forms, using symbols and text as brush stroke or found objects as punctuation. These artists are skirting definability by bouncing back and forth between material and meaning. Assemblage and collage are exciting mediums because they celebrate infinite additive possibilities.

About Jesse Greenberg

Jesse Greenberg is a current artist in residence at the Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program, located at 20 Jay St. Dumbo NY. (b. 1982, NJ) Greenberg’s hyper colorful and texturally rich oil pastels employ whimsy, violence, and musicality. While sculptures made from scavenged discarded items form human and hand scaled social machines. Greenberg has been included in solo and group exhibitions at, Derek Eller NY, LOYAL Stockholm, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise NY, Marinaro’s NY, Jack Barret NY, Jack Hanley NY, O’flaherty’s NY, Josh Lily London, White Flags St. Louis, Queens Museum NY, Socrates NY. Greenberg is the director of programming at Foreland in Catskill, NY.

About Foreland

FORELAND is a contemporary arts campus conceived of by and for artists. Situated 100 miles north of New York City at the base of the Catskill Mountains and comprising three thoughtfully-renovated historic factory buildings, the 85,000 square foot development provides architecturally-considered studio and exhibition spaces, a cooperative workspace, food and beverage programs, private event rentals, and more. Foreland employs a singular model centered on the needs of artists, art dealers and practitioners of various kinds in order to create an ecosystem that is as economically stable as it is aesthetically considered. On a seasonal basis, Foreland produces its own robust program of contemporary art exhibitions and special events that engages the broader public, in addition to hosting and collaborating with internationally renowned partners, artists and institutions.