Etty Yaniv

Art Spiel

At the previous Dumbo Open Studios, I shared my personal experience as an artist during the lockdown and what I had been learning from a series of ongoing interviews with over 125 fellow artists worldwide, including my own art community in Dumbo. The virtual format of this year’s open studios indicates that we are not on safe shores yet – many of us in the NYC area and the country at large are still struggling. With that in mind, I have kept reaching out to both artists and local non-profit art venues in NYC to support their ongoing studio work and art exhibitions.

As for my own art, I had the opportunity to make and show work throughout this year, including exhibitions as Five Myles, Stand 4 in Brooklyn, Equity gallery in the LES, a few group shows organized by brave curators and art organizers in NY, and a lot of Zooms.

Etty Yaniv

Studio M10D, 20 Jay Street

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