Etty Yaniv

Art Spiel

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Tell me a little bit about your studio practice.

I make immersive environments ranging from wall reliefs to large scale site installations. They are typically made of discarded fragments, which include found objects and my own recycled work, and I have recently started a collaborative multi-media project. My process is labor intensive and long. I tend to work on several pieces at the same time so for instance today you can find in my studio a series of small collaged paintings made daily throughout the year, a wall relief for an upcoming exhibition, and a sculpture that is developing without a designated exhibition space.

In addition, I run Art Spiel, my online fine art publication. I love working with contributing writers and enjoy the process of interviewing artists. For the Dumbo Open Studios, I invited to my studio 3 artists who have been featured in Art Spiel, check it out!

How long have you / your organization been based in DUMBO?

I have been in DUMBO about a year.

What’s it like to have a studio here? / What do you enjoy about working in DUMBO?

I enjoy the view and rhythm of the neighborhood – the river, the cobblestones, the industrial architecture, the bridges. It has altogether influenced my work already and I am still absorbing it in.

I love my studio space and it was delightful to meet some of the other artists in the program, attend the artist talks and art exhibitions all around. There is a vibrant art community here which I am in the process of discovering.

What makes DUMBO’s art community different from other arts neighborhoods in the city?

My studio before was in Bushwick. As in other parts of the city, Bushwick has a core of artists who have maintained a studio in that neighborhood for many years. That said, Bushwick is also a hub for emerging artists who go there straight after graduating art school, which probably creates a more transient nature. The fabric of Dumbo seems different. It is a creative base for a roster of mostly mid-career and established artists who have been working here for the long term, while the studio and residency programs in the neighborhood enable other artists to join and altogether keep the creative vibes constantly vital.

From my experience as a newcomer to the neighborhood, there are ample opportunities for artists in Dumbo to communicate with each other and form a close-knit art community.

Whose studios are you excited to visit this year as a part of DUMBO Open Studios?

Here are some studios on my list! Beth Dary at 55 Washington St, #257 and in my building, 20 Jay, Kate Teale at #M01, Laura Karetzky at #M10F, Cheryl Wing Zi Wong at #M10B, Anne Gilman at #207, Olive Ayhens at #309D, Eva Davidova at #310B, Jessica Segall at #1019, and the fantastic Sharpe-Walentas artists on the 7th floor.

What should visitors not miss during their visit to DUMBO Open Studios this April?

Engage with the artists, they usually love talking about their work; a stroll by the river and a glimpse at the fantastic Carousel; and a visit to Smack Mellon, 92 Plymouth Street @ Washington—they open 12-6 with free admission.