Jennifer Riley

Tell me a little bit about your art practice.

I make paintings, drawings and large scale steel sculptural installations. The work is abstract and responds to and incorporates elements from industry, culture, nature, and anthropology. An armature of line or shape allows for color ideas and expression.

For over 25 years, my studio practice has been enriched by teaching in both Rome and the US, as well as writing about art. And, for the past 10 years I have organized exhibitions of art largely within my community here in NYC. Since 2012, I’ve run the gallery for Indiana University Center for Art and Design, where my scope has expanded to include exhibitions of architecture and the design worlds.

How long have you been based in DUMBO?

I moved from my Boston, MA studio to Jay Street in 2002. I relocated to 45 Main Street in 2007.

What’s it like to have a studio here?

The neighborhood has transformed since I moved here to live and to work. I like that even as it develops into a residential community from a postindustrial, commercial neighborhood, it has the massive civil engineering structures, the river light, and edge parks that remain unchanged.

The galleries are few but strong in comparison to Bushwick, LES, and Chelsea so the art market isn’t in my face every day as I go to the studio. That’s very refreshing!

Whose studios are you excited to visit this year as a part of DUMBO Open Studios?

I always love Triangle Arts Association artists and now because of the Cultural Space Subsidy Program there are new compelling independent studios throughout the neighborhood. I am sure to discover many new-to-me artists in DUMBO.

What should visitors not miss during their visit to DUMBO Open Studios this May?

Don’t miss a ride on Jane’s Carousel — even for adults — it’s a very special work of art! And for a pick-me-up: Small Wicked Mocha at Jacques Torres!