Kate Teale


I am beyond grateful to be able to walk to and work in my studio. I’m working on wall drawings, paintings and planning drawings for new work. I work on a large table in the full light from the North East-facing windows. As the DUMBO community has shrunk, those that are here are even more important. There is a group of artists on my floor that can get to their studios, and we check in with each other regularly. Big thanks to Kate Gavriel and the Cultural Space Subsidy Program for their humanity, support and creativity at this crazy time.

Artwork Selection Theme: Conceptual Figuration, and socially engaged imagery. Additionally, all three artists are my neighbors on the Mezzanine floor at 20 Jay St.

Kate Teale

Selected Artworks

Laura Karetzky  Cup/Mise En Abyme

Laura makes paintings involving multiple layers of looking. Fascinated by the windows of intimacy and distance afforded by cellphones and digital communication, she translates those disembodied narratives into highly tactile, physically layered and rich painted surfaces.

Zeph Farmby  Eat the Rich

This image starkly addresses inequality. The full text in the painting is more nuanced “One day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich”, where it reads more as a prophecy and a plea for action. I visited Zeph’s studio recently and was blown away by the delicacy and emotional complexity of his drawings – particularly a poignant memorial to Kobe Bryant. He’s a multi-platform artist, using all kinds of surfaces from commemorative newspapers, to walls, to apparel to put his messages out into the world.

Alexi Worth  Like

In this piece Alexi engages in serious fun. It’s an un-still still-life that juggles images and invites us to find embedded meanings in a way that leads to prolonged and satisfying looking. One of the first paintings I saw in Alexi’s studio was of a group of figures disporting on a comic island – it took me a while to decipher the extent of the social/political satire, and to get great pleasure from the fact that enmeshed in the fun, are layers of seriousness.

About Kate Teale

Kate Teale’s work is based in observation of familiar things, (windows, beds, furniture..) emptied to a point of near abstraction. In the studio there will be wall drawings, paintings, large-scale prints and other drawings.

The paintings are made in layers of pure primary colors, with the brightness of the canvas’s surface shining through as light. The nature of home is a recurring subject, particularly in relation to its’ opposite, being “un-homed” by natural or man-made disaster.

Kate Teale was born in Hampshire, England. She received her MA from Oxford University, England; her Art Diploma from City and Guilds of London Art School, and her MFA from Hunter College, C.U.N.Y.

In 2013 Kate received a Joan Mitchell Foundation artist development grant, and a NYFA Fellowship in Painting in 2008. She shows at Studio10, Bushwick and has both written on art and curated exhibitions, mainly at her very part-time gallery, Big & Small/Casual.