Kylin O'Brien


How are you working right now?

Right now I am working on a series of “astrometaphysical” paintings in which mathematical geometries emerge out of nebulous color fields. I both explore paint’s materiality, experimentally, while painting with a controlled hand some very detailed planned forms. In this recent work, the geometries are legitimate math, derived from the diagrammatic work of contemporary physicists exploring our multiverse. With this series I am also exploring our place in such a vast micro/macro cosmos and a metaphysical, poetic connectedness with it all.

What do you want to say about the DUMBO community?

I have seen this community go through many transitions in the last decade and am grateful to see it is still artistically thriving and supportive. Art is part of DUMBO culture and I hope this neighborhood retains its commitment to its artists for many years yet to come. I love it here.

What artist are you interested in and why?

As a multimedia painter currently interested in sacred geometry, being-in-the-world outside-of-time, expressionism, physics, materiality, metaphysics, the dance between the hand at work and the picture evoking and emoting, itself, asserting… I have chosen to highlight these three Dumbo Open Studio artists: Tom McGlynn, Yasi Alipour and Natasha Sweeten. Each of whom, in their own voice, speaks clearly and beautifully to these preoccupations.

Tom McGlynn’s ontological formal abstractions of our culture’s visual landscape are paradoxical and totally compelling – a perfect simultaneity of complexity and reduction.

Yasi Alipour’s work reaches deeply to reconnect and heal, pulling personal, historic and cultural geometries out of time and space, with touch, memory and a palpable longing made manifest.

Natasha Sweeten encapsulates the heart of a moment, personal or global, natural or architectural, with emotive abstractions she has co-created with the materials themselves. She is an alchemist in the studio.