Nova Benway

Executive Director, Triangle Arts Association

How long has Triangle been in DUMBO?

Triangle has been based in DUMBO since the early 2000s. We were on Front Street for a number of years before coming to 20 Jay.  It’s been incredible to be supported by the neighborhood for so long. Studio space of the quality you can find in DUMBO is hard to find in New York these days.

What’s it like to run a residency program here?

Having a studio in DUMBO gives you access to an amazing range of resources as an artist, from exhibitions to talks to grant writing workshops. I think some artists don’t realize all that’s here, so it’s a wonderful part of my job to introduce them to it.

Whose studios are you excited to visit this year as a part of DUMBO Open Studios?

The best part of open studios is seeing what incredibly different work is being done from one studio to the next. A lot of Triangle’s neighbors in 20 Jay Street will be participating this year, which I am really excited about. Davide Cantoni, Cey Adams, Eva Davidova, Jeannine Oleson, Platform Space are all wonderful artists and very approachable, lovely people to chat with.