Kate Gavriel on Sculpture

Andrew Ross, Untitled (Landowner) (2017). Wood, plastic, plaster, pigment, plastic, acrylic, fabric, tubing, bamboo, string, planter. 85 x 61 x 95 in.

Many of the artists participating in this year’s DUMBO Open Studios are part of Two Trees’ Cultural Space Subsidy Program, an application-based program that provides rent subsidies to artists.

CSSP is a part of Two Trees’ longstanding support for artists in the neighborhood. Brooklyn thrives when our arts community is strong, and DUMBO’s dynamism can be traced back to its high density of art studios and creative workspaces.

Each year, I look forward to visiting our CSSP artists during Open Studios to see what they’ve been working on. For 2023, I’ve decided to highlight our program’s sculptors.

Sculptors in NYC impress me with their resourcefulness and ingenuity. Finding ample space to work has always been always a challenge for sculptors, and many continue to be affected by pandemic-related “supply chain issues” when sourcing materials. Some sculptors have responded by transitioning to ephemeral, digital, conceptual, or other non-embodied work.

With workspace secured through the CSSP program, these artists remain committed to their sculpture practice. At first glance, they don’t have much common – they employ a variety of materials and processes, and engage different ideas, conversations, and art-historical legacies.

During DUMBO Open Studios, I invite you to visit these sculptors and celebrate what they do share: a dedication to sculpture – and a belief in the transformation of materials and creation of new objects as a means to explore complex ideas and emotions and communicate in ways that language cannot.

Kate Gavriel is the Cultural Affairs Director at Two Trees Management Co, a family-owned, Brooklyn-based real estate development firm founded in 1968 that has owned, managed, and developed a portfolio worth more than $3 billion in real estate, including more than 6,000 apartments and over 3 million square feet of office and retail space throughout New York City. Since 2011, she has worked with Two Trees to develop their arts- and education-focused philanthropic programs, engaging community stakeholders to create and support cultural programs and spaces that contribute to the prosperity of neighborhoods and local economies.

About Cultural Space Subsidy Program

Recognizing that market rents are not feasible for all, the Cultural Space Subsidy Program awards affordable studio space to artists who best demonstrate their intent in providing a social benefit to DUMBO and the broader community. The 2023 application period is open from April 15, 2023 – May 21, 2023. Emerging and mid-career artists with a strong exhibition history or community-focused practice are eligible to apply April 15 through May 31, 2023.