Triangle Arts

Triangle is a visual arts residency in New York founded in 1982, providing a life-changing working environment for committed artists through studio-based opportunities to experiment and create new work; shared community with other artists that lasts a lifetime; introduction of curators and other experts to the work at crucial times; cultivation of new and diverse audiences with public programs, such as open studios; and meaningful exposure to and interaction with the surrounding Brooklyn community and the wider world.

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DUMBO Residency

Triangle offers spacious studios and a dynamic artistic community to support the development of ambitious projects with emphasis on dialogue and experimentation. Our studios are located at 20 Jay Street in Brooklyn, New York. Triangle’s founding concept and current programs de-emphasize professionalization and specific outcomes, instead allowing artists generous space, context and community within which to focus on their ideas and process. Beyond workspace, regular gatherings, public events, open studios, and visits from curators are organized. Administrative and peer support is provided for all participating artists. Triangle residencies are awarded via our open call.

Current Studio Artists

Jantsankhorol Erdenebayar is a Mongolian multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, California. Greatly aware of his roots, Jantsa has always been intrigued by Mongolian tales, riddles, and proverbs and the intellectual communicative mindsets that have been constructed by his predecessors. As an artist, he investigates the transformations of socially constructed taboos, rituals, superstitions and habits, and creates dialogue between the past and present.

Nancy Dayanne Valladares is an interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker and educator from Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Her image-based practice delves into the formation of optical tools and their accompanying visual regimes. Nancy’s practice closely examines photography’s historical entanglement with botanical imaginaries and chemical legacies.

Poyen Wang is an artist and filmmaker, born and raised in Taiwan and currently based in New York City. His recent practice employs world-building through 3D computer graphics to grapple with issues of identity, sexuality and masculinity. Wang’s work hybridizes different cinema genres and utilizes analytical aspects of filmmaking to explore personal and collective emotions, with a focus on the queer and immigrant experience.