In a park

离离草 Chinese Artists and Organizers (CAO) Collective, 女拳手打糍粑 The Ciba Punch (2022). Steamed sticky rice, boxing gloves, folding tables, brown sugar, honey, crane sugar, performance.

Chinese Artists and Organizers (CAO) Collective 离离草 creates art to empower relational community healing. We make space for nuanced narratives rooted in China, the Sinophone diaspora, and other experiences from the margins. As cultural organizers, we explore social justice-oriented theorizing and narrativizing through collective poetry, performance, food art, clay, sound, and installation. We reimagine memory/memorials, rituals, intimacy, and queer/feminist kinship to (re)build sustainable community infrastructures.
In our studio, you will see our queer feminist community living room, as well as a wall installation of documentation from our past workshops, performances, and rituals. This includes photo prints, collectively written poems, and a dictionary of care.

About BRIClab

Contemporary Art is an interdisciplinary, community-oriented residency program that provides emerging and early-career artists with studio space and professional support to develop and advance their practice