A massage chair with brown upholstery sits on a concrete floor in front of a white wall. Its metal structure is painted gold. Coffee beans have been glued along each seam of the chair. Gold threads with coffee beans glued like beads on a necklace hang like a chandelier.

Alex Dolores Salerno, ACCRESCENCE (2023). Coffee Beans, Portable Massage Chair, Thread and Paint. 63 x 43.5 x 45 in.

Alex Dolores Salerno is a Lenapehoking/Brooklyn based artist working in sculpture, installation, video, and photography. Informed by their “queer-crip” experience, they work to critique expectations of endless productivity, individualism, and the commodification of rest. Using a range of materials such as beds, memory foam, and coffee, their work evokes the incompatibility of our needs and 24/7 society. These material and embodied tensions ask us to embrace slowness, honor our needs, and work towards anti-capitalist reconfigurations of time and value.

Salerno's current solo exhibition "Greenness" is on view at Real Art Ways (CT). Recent awards include the Wynn Newhouse Award (2022) and an Art Matters Foundation Artist2Artist Fellowship (2023). They are currently in residence at BRIClab: Contemporary Art Residency Program at BRIC (2023-2024).

About BRIClab

Contemporary Art is an interdisciplinary, community-oriented residency program that provides emerging and early-career artists with studio space and professional support to develop and advance their practice