Woodblock print of a head with a mask dropped around their eyes and flowers tumbling on top of their head. The lines are inked in purple

Ali Asgar, Home is a Foreign Place (2020). Woodblock Print. 24 x 10 in.

Ali Asgar Tara (She /They) is a Bangladeshi Transgender artist, scholar, and activist currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Tara teaches art and critical race theory at Pace University in NY as an assistant professor and runs her art studio practice from her studio at Dumbo Art District, Brooklyn, NY. Tara's past and present art practice and scholarship focus on the issues of transgender and gender-diverse communities in Bangladesh. Tara is the recipient of the 2021 Bridge Space Studio Award and a current artist in residence at the University of Connecticut. Tara has received their BFA from Charukola, faculty of fine arts, and MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Very recently they have co-founded Bangladesh Trans, Hijra, and Koti Rights Coalition: A grassroots community-based platform to connect and create spaces for the grassroots Hijra, Koti, and Trans community in Bangladesh.