An installation shot of one piece - each form incrementally grows to the limit of the wall proportion.

Alice Hope, Untitled (2023). Used can tabs, resin. Photo Credit: Jenny Gorman.

While working with a range of common materials from ball chain and painter's blue tape to seine netting, I primarily focus on the used can tab, as my work’s subject, object, and material.
About the tab I state: "The used can tab can be looked at from a multiplicity of perspectives - that its proportion is in the Golden Mean like the Parthenon; that it’s a tool - a lever; that it’s trash; that it’s an icon; that it’s an anti-phallus with its equal negative and positive space; that as a floor plan it emulates Renaissance cathedrals with its apse and nave; its ergonomics; its timed obsolescence; its demographically democratic use -, but in my work I focus on the used tab as a relic of consumption and as a token for redemption."

Each of the used can tabs in my sculptures represent a moment in time when a soda or beer can was opened by someone somewhere, and each of the used can tabs represent donation, as the tabs were collected and redeemed for charities. I see my works as a meta hand holding collaboration because of the tens of thousands of hands involved. My primary tool is my hand in making the work, as is theirs in the massive cumulative collective gesture of opening, collecting, and donating.