Aerial photograph of green farmlands with a row of tiny blue cylinders

Andrea Sanders, Untitled (blue cylinders) (2016). Inkjet Photograph on Watercolor Paper.

My work is about permanence, change and loss. The images and references are often of subtle, even generic places, homes or landscapes that we may have flown over once in a plane on our way to somewhere else entirely. We look out and imagine what lives have been lived there or notice how the light falls just so at that instant. The images are familiar and vague at the same time. I try to convey a sense of “then and now” with my work. In contrast to the still, solid architecture we build and surround ourselves with, or the marks we make on the earth in an attempt at control and immortality, or the frozen photographs which we treasure although they are simply illusions, our lives are, for better or for worse, in constant and unstoppable forward motion.