The yellow door-like sculpture is attached to the wall with a continuous hinge. Fixed onto the white beams are plaster casts of lychees

Anne Wu, Still Point (2021). Gypsum, Tinting Paste, Epoxy Putty, Polystyrene, Incense Sticks, Garden Wire, Plaster Casts of Lychee, Steel Continuous Hinge. 36 x 78 x 2 in. Photo by John Groo.

Anne Wu is an artist from Queens, NY, who works primarily in sculpture and installation. Her practice often draws from the architectural structures and decorative elements found in existing urban landscapes—particularly Chinese immigrant neighborhoods. Gravitating towards architectural thresholds that separate public and private life, such as doorways, balconies, and railings, Wu reimagines these structures as isolated objects that point elsewhere and nowhere simultaneously.

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