Chantal Feitosa

Smack Mellon

92 Plymouth Street, 5

Chantal Feitosa, Spelling Bee, 2018, video
Chantal Feitosa, Spelling Bee (2018). Video.

Chantal is a Brazilian American artist from Queens, New York. Her process shifts between new media, collage, and social practice to address themes of racial bias, beauty standards, and belonging. In her work, she often replicates systems of childhood education and play through performance and object-making. Through these systems, she is interested in how pedagogy, language, and humor can exist as creative mediums to address narratives of historical marginalization and trauma.  In 2016 she was a co-producer in the student documentary, “The Room of Silence”, which has been featured nationally in publications, screenings, and public conversations on the need for racial equity in art school curriculum and critique structures. She received her BFA in Film/Animation/Video from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2018 with a concentration in Literary Arts & Studies.

About Smack Mellon

Smack Mellon is a nonprofit arts organization located in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Smack Mellon’s mission is to nurture and support emerging, under-recognized mid-career and women artists in the creation and exhibition of new work, by providing exhibition opportunities, studio workspace, and access to equipment and technical assistance for the realization of ambitious projects. We see ourselves as a vehicle whereby under-represented artists can create, explore and exhibit their creative ideas outside the concerns of the commercial art world, offering many artists the exposure and recognition they deserve.