A Ukrainian Family caught in the fighting in the beginning of the war between Ukraine and Russia. rendered in RGB colors ( Red Green and Blue)

Davide Cantoni, Family Ukraine (2023). Intereference acrylics on canvas. 48 x 36 x 1.5 in.

Davide Cantoni’s artistic practice has over the years has focused on the way our society presents images and how they are consumed, Cantoni’s particular interest is in relation to news imagery published in the New York Times (DC has lived and worked in NYC for the last 20 years).

Using photography as a basis for both the burned drawings and interference paintings, the artist creates works that while mimicking photography in their form, are also firmly rooted in the traditions of fine art. Drawings are made by sensitizing paper with pencil, and then exposing it to sun light through a lens, and the paintings reveal themselves as both positive and negative images depending on where they are viewed from as a byproduct of the reflective qualities of the paints used.

In his most recent works Cantoni is recreating parts of printed news images as paintings using what is normally considered the digital color system RGB (Red, Green, Blue) making a foray into the inevitable shift of information form the analogue world into the digital.

DC had a solo show called "of Men and Giants" in the Farnese Collection at the National Archeological Museum in Naples at the end of 2022/2023