Washes of opaque

Eileen O'Kane Kornreich, Against the Sky (2022). Oil, Graphite, Pencil, Canvas. 52 x 46 x 1.5 in. Photo by Barbara Hermor.

Eileen has been making art for over 45 years with a decade in downtown and DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Eileen's artistic practice intersects both expressive realism and abstraction in the pursuit of a multi-perspective narrative. This narrative is informed by observation, lived experiences and my imagination. As an artist, I primarily draw and paint representational works in series that investigate autobiographical subject matter. These works, often landscapes, continue to push towards an abstracted view by adopting a Neo-Cubist, multi-perspective approach.

Intellectually, her curiosity lies in visually interpreting social constructs of power. This has manifested in recent bodies of work with compositions exploring monumental structures in the built environment and contrasting them with their natural surroundings. Drawings and paintings are built in layers of vibrant colors in wet, immediate painterly brushstrokes. Compositions are built up over time from various paints, inks, graphite, pastels, and crayon. These layers of line and color in a range of materials form a nexus between imagination and representation, allowing the viewer’s own experiences and memories to inhabit the space and allowing interpretation of the artworks and realizing their meaning.