Ernesto Gozalez, Untitled video still (2003). Gyclee. 40 x 30 in.

Originally from Mexico City, Ernesto's background is reflected in the energy of his photos.
Ernesto’s Imagery is colorful, bright and vibrant with positive energy.He succeeds in awaking a never-ending desire from the viewer, relying on a tension between natural beauty – a sense of intimacy – and fantasy. His work has been featured in Harper's Bazaar and Elle Latinamerica, A Magazine, Io Donna, as well as in independent fashion publications such as Galore, Out of Order, Solar and S Magazine. Commercial clients include Nespresso, Luxottica, New York & Co, Alexander Wang, as well as Tequila ALACRAN, SOLENTO and most recently Victoria Beckham Beauty. Featured 4 times in DUMBO’S video program LIGHTYEAR, Ernesto’s work has also been exhibited both in Mexico and the United States. Polaroids, Photographic Silver and C prints, Instant print reproductions as well as video stills will be shown and available for purchase.