Mixed media sculpture sprawling from floor to ceiling in a white-walled gallery space

Etty Yaniv, Etty Yaniv, Inversion (2022). Mixed Media Installation. 120 x 140 x 120 in.

Etty Yaniv is an artist, curator, and founder of the online art publication Art Spiel. For this event she is hosting in her studio two artists who were featured in Art Spiel: Michal Gavish and Jim Condron. Yaniv’s work ranges from small paintings to large sculptural installations. In both media her work is textured, layered, and detailed. Visitors will see Yaniv’s paintings and several installations at different stages of progress.

Michal Gavish is a multimedia artist and a freelance art reviewer, based in NYC. She paints on paper and fabric, constructing installations and videos inspired by her science background and her ongoing collaborations with biologists and chemists. The visitors will see an installation and paintings.

Jim Condron uses materials such as paint, fur, bits of plastic, architectural remnants, socks, candy, vintage bowling pins and clothing to make sculptures. He collects objects over time for their personal resonance and gradually assembles them, adding paint and various glues and mediums. Color and texture are prominent. The sculptures allude to weather, holidays, seasons, absurdity, food, disappointment, aging, and childhood. He will be showing small sculptures.