A vibrant polychromatic painting in square format

Gabriele Evertz, Kinetic Response (2017). Acrylic on canvas. 60 x 60 in. Photo by Yao Zu Lu.

Gabriele Evertz is a German-born, American artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. For over three decades she has explored the radiant energies of color in abstract paintings. She has exhibited her work since 1990, internationally and throughout the United States.

Evertz's recent paintings, completed during the pandemic, reflect a shift in practice and palette. The focus is now on the materiality of paint and expansion of pigments to include the oxides next to brilliant saturated colors. What has not changed is Evertz's intention: the artist plans her work with the viewer in mind, who brings purpose and meaning to the paintings. For this, the studio practice is indispensable.

Visitors will see abstract square paintings ranging in size from 12 x 12 inches to 6 x 6 feet.