An all black monotone image of a woman lying on her side. With the use of a collage-like style

Jack Florczyk, The Sleeper (2023). Acrylic on canvas. 60 x 48 x 1.5 in.

Jack Florczyk is an American contemporary fine artist born in Teaneck, New Jersey in 1992 and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Working primarily with acrylic paint Jack’s work is described as figurative expressionism. As a self-taught artist, Jack is heavily influenced by the Impressionism movement, the 1970s and 80s street-art culture, sports, and hip-hop.

He has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Miami and has representation through the White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY, and Beacon Art Shortwave Gallery in Stone Harbor, NJ.

Through the use of his collage-like painting style, Jack uses the figure as a means of expression and as a vessel to tell a story. His work explores themes like identity, its relationship with time, and all of the different perspectives that exist among us as people.

In his own words...

I believe that every person has a story and a unique identity that only they can possess. I make pictures of people, trying to capture that individual uniqueness. Accurately portraying someone is more than just achieving a perfect likeness. There is more to a person than what you see in the flesh. We look at people every day but how often do we truly see them? I think we see each other more than we realize, but what do those feelings, moods, and experiences that we share with others look like?

The pictures I make are paintings. They resemble a collage, however, they are not a true collage and are made entirely with paint. I create paintings this way because collage is a powerful tool for telling stories and by painting the collages myself it allows the truth to first flow through me before uncovering itself on the canvas.