A painting by Jen Ferguson of the underside of the Manhattan bridge at night in dark blues and grey colors with the lights of Manhattan in the distance

Jen Ferguson, Under Night (2023). Oil on Canvas. 12 x 16 in.

Jen Ferguson creates atmospheric, ethereal oil paintings of urban landscapes. Her large-scale works portray a city simmering in mystery and the sublime. Ambient and exaggerated lighting effects evoke foggy nights, sultry summer days, snow swept and dramatic city streets where both locals and tourists are newcomers in a strangely familiar but unexplored territory.

Jen is originally from upstate NY and has had a studio in DUMBO for many years. She brings to her work an affinity for the spaciousness of her rural background and echoes that sensibility in her portraits of the city.

On view at open studios will be paintings from a series “After Hours” depicting several melodramatic nocturnal city views and architectural subjects, and a variety of smaller still life studies and prints.