Jennifer Riley

45 Main Street, 1046

Jennifer Riley, Detail From Big Bright Steel: Cummins Indianapolis. 18 x 48 x 8 ft. Powder Coated Laser Cut Steel.

Jennifer Riley has worked/lived in DUMBO since 2001. She currently is Founding  Associate Professor for the Miller M.Arch Program at Indiana University. Riley's  painting, drawings, sculptural installations speak to a world that has grown more complex than ever before with the migration of people, cultures, concepts and technologies. Imagine that my paintings reached out both arms to gather in both  drawing and sculpture to expand upon a statement.  A geometric butterfly pattern and a biomorphic abstract shape sourced from industry are pregnant with symbolic and metaphoric information. Newest work envisions a potential melding of nature, culture and technology-aimed at notions of rejuvenation and entropy alike. Here, butterflies and flowers figure prominently. Natural flowers combine with man made flowers while butterflies, freed from wood by a CNC router metamorphose into architectural ornamentation.

**Large scale oil paintings, drawings, ink, charcoal, watercolor and pencil, steel and wood sculpture.**