A symmetrical shot of the M & J trains syncing up in passing from the vantage point of the middle of the Williamsburg Bridge

Joshua Reynolds, Line By Line (2021). Photographic Print on Canvas. 40 x 30 x 1.5 in.

I Am a Creator by Nature, currently focusing on Art / Photography / Videography. I call my style of Art “Inspirational Abstract” , which I tend to layer stylized lettering in the form of inspirational words & phrases. I.e. “Thank You For This Moment”, “Trust Your Flow” , “The Universe Resides Inside...”, “Infinite Potential”, “Keep It Up”, “Let It Go”, “Manifest”, & so on.  I like to add elements of my Photography at times, combining my creative expressions to build a stronger unique piece, as I feel “It All Adds Up” & when each “ingredient” is added to another, it creates a whole new “flavor”.
  I call my style of Photography / Videography, “PhotoGraffix” , which has a “cleaner” “graphic” style usually comprised of symmetry, reflections & low angles.   I tend to stray from the beaten path and choose to utilize unorthodox angles, which help to reshape the viewer's perspective to show that there's more than one way to view the world around them.  Through this method we're able to create new realities that were always there, yet were unseen. I've been selling my Art on the streets since 2012 & have been in some group shows, as well as solo...
My ultimate goal is to travel the world, creating from my heart & soul, while uplifting, educating & inspiring others through creativity in one form or another.
There will be a variety of work in different mediums consisting of vibrant colors, uplifting words, phrases & imagery