Through water

Kristin Gaudio Endsley, Forest Through The Trees (2022). Acrylic on canvas. 36 x 36 x 1.5 in. Photo by Chloe Brover.

Kristin Gaudio Endsley’s creative practice encompasses the different disciplines she has learned and polished throughout her life. From ceramics to painting, she has cultivated an ability to create tension between the defined and undefined forms that characterize her work, and the expressive rhythms she skillfully portrays through measured intuition.

In her new series, Kristin is breaking away from the controlled nature of geometric shapes. She opens up to a critical dynamic of canvas, paint, and water; using spontaneous yet methodical dripping and pooling techniques to compose soft-edge and mutable images with a foundation in both her personal and the collective consciousness.
Raised near the rolling shores of Chesapeake Bay, Kristin’s perspective was strongly shaped by the visual clash of industry and nature in and around the bustling American port town of Baltimore. Descended from a long line of artists and craftsmen, Kristin has a family history in highly tactile expressions of creativity.