Kylin O’Brien

39 Pearl Street, 5R

Kylin O'Brien, 5 Elements (2018). Acrylic, Latex, Metallics, Paper On Canvas. 30 x 40 x 1.5 in.

"My multidisciplinary work employs ancient symbolism, ritualistic repetition, transformative energy, natural and supernatural systems and the physics of space, material and process. Whether painting, building, creating installation or presenting collaborative projects, my work can be considered medicinal depending on potency, dosage and context. My projects and objects work interactively with nature, media and humanity and much of my art is impermanent, embracing transformation and realizing a full cycle of creation through dissolution. I work to tease out wonder and mindfulness, intention and serendipity, love and release, perspective and power."

Kylin O'Brien (b.1972 New York, New York) is a multidisciplinary artist, Feng Shui consultant and intuitive healer. She holds degrees in Philosophy from Vassar College and in Art and Design from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK, where she was awarded an associate lectureship while pursuing graduate studies. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and has had solo exhibitions in New York City at Feature INC Gallery, Open Source Gallery and with ChaShaMa. She has been a Brooklyn Arts Council, Awesome Foundation and Pro Arts award winner. Kylin has created large scale public works and has exhibited internationally.