Laurie Kang


20 Jay Street, 318

Laurie Kang, Worm, 2019 Flex-C track, powermesh, sand, cast aluminum dried lotus root, cast aluminum shiso leaf
Laurie Kang, Worm (2019). Flex-C Track, Powermesh, Sand, Cast Aluminum Dried Lotus Root, Cast Aluminum Shiso Leaf.

Using photography, sculpture and installation, Laurie Kang's work is rooted in an enduring concern with the body and the forces that shape it—political, affective and otherwise. Drawing on fields such as biology, feminist theory, science fiction and her own biography, Kang stages installations that take up the body in and as a process, working with unstable, continuously sensitive materials that are functionally and metaphorically primordial and in flux.

About Triangle

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