White room with two televisions on stands playing different programs

Leo Li Chen, Diagonal (2020). Installation.

Leo Li Chen is an independent curator and researcher based in Beijing and New York. He worked as the Research Director at Magician Space, Beijing, and as an independent curator in Hong Kong and mainland China. His main research focuses on geopolitics and performativity, to explore the complexity of identity and subjectivity that transcends geographical barriers. He has curated multiple exhibitions, including “The Racing Will Continue, The Dancing Will Stay” (Guangdong Times Museum, Guangzhou, 2019); “Today Could Have Been a Happy Day” (Taikang Space, Beijing, 2018); “That Has Been and Maybe Again” (Para Site, Hong Kong, 2016); “Adrift” (OCAT, Shenzhen, 2016), and so on. He was a resident researcher at Asia Art Archive in 2016, and MMCA Korea in 2019.

About Triangle

Triangle is a visual arts residency in New York founded in 1982, providing a life-changing working environment for committed artists through studio-based opportunities to experiment and create new work; shared community with other artists that lasts a lifetime; introduction of curators and other experts to the work at crucial times; cultivation of new and diverse audiences with public programs, such as open studios; and meaningful exposure to and interaction with the surrounding Brooklyn community and the wider world.