A gridded image of shredded landscape and architecture

Lisa di Donato, Ontic Glow #26 (2020). Twenty 5In X 7In Tintypes. 35.5 x 20.175 in.

Lisa di Donato is an artist-photographer. Working primarily with and through photography, she explores the material nature of image and image as material. Many of the resulting works have undergone interventions or translations, manually, digitally, or both, to become something wholly different from their origin. Architecture, landscape, and artifacts of various natures are my primary sites of investigation. Depicted as being no longer, nor have they become something else, yet, they are part of an endless process that manifests itself in unpredictable forms.
She received her B.F.A. in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. Most recently, her tintypes were recreated as a large-scale public installation for the Noorderlicht Festival, Netherlands (2021) and she was Center for Emerging Visual Artists fellowship finalist (2021). Her artwork has been exhibited and published in the U.S. and Europe and she has curated numerous exhibitions.