A gridded monochrome depiction of an arid landscape. The imagery is technological but the photographic medium is nostalgic in appearance. There are distant hills and an obelisk-like form in the center-right.

Lisa di Donato, Ontic Glow #45 (2021). Tintype. 37 x 16.75 in.

Lisa di Donato is a lens-based artist. Through the incorporation of digital, analogue, and manual processes- diazo printing, cyanotypes, wet plate collodion process, hand-rendering, and various types of expired instant films, many of the resulting artworks have undergone interventions or translations to become something wholly different from their origin.
Architecture, landscape, anatomy, and artifacts of various natures are her primary sites of investigation. Depicted as being no longer, nor have they become something else, yet, they are part of a continuous artistic and existential process that manifests in unpredictable forms realized with a certain autonomy from any previously known thing.