Image of a signed 5-color risograph print with mint

lucky risograph, Procession of Five by Ian Mackay (2021). Risograph Print. 11 x 15 in.

lucky risograph is a POC-owned print, design studio, and publisher based in Chinatown, NY. Primarily working through the medium of risograph printing, we create a wide variety of printed matter ranging from fliers to art books. Risograph is an eco-friendly medium utilizing non-toxic ink derived from rice bran and print stencils made from natural fiber. Since its establishment in 2018, we have continued to incorporate the eco-conscious and affordable nature of risograph into our everyday practice, working with diverse artist communities within NYC and across the globe.
By working with collaborators to reimagine their art, we were able to translate many digital and physical pieces into art books, zines, and prints. Beyond publishing, we also devote our time to the proliferation of the riso art community by annually hosting Sounds About Riso, a risograph market event first launching in 2019. We created lucky risograph to educate and connect with creators from different realms of art, and to fulfill our mission, we’ve offered in-person and online workshops, DIY lessons, and open studio hours.
We strive to uplift and help folks in our communities create art with purpose. Creating thoughtfully executed pieces with local businesses such as CW Pencil Enterprise, Wing On Wo & Co, and other New York-based artists are some of our treasured achievements. Entering our fourth year, as a small-owned business, we are looking to strengthen our production methods and design capabilities. We hope to create a more accessible studio space for artists looking to bring risograph into their existing practices.